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22 June 2022

Photo: Stephen Rahn in SpaceThe rising of Matariki (a cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades) marks the beginning of the Māori New Year. It is a time to reflect, to connect with whānau (family), with our taiao (environment), and to celebrate what has passed and what is to come.  

28 February 2022

 “There’s a paradigm shift in the way we think about parks: not just as a place to recreate, but literally as a prescription, a place to improve your health.” – Dr. Robert Zarr

Are parks and green spaces medicinal? You might think that sounds ridiculous, but many physicians see green spaces that way. Some have even started writing their patients nature prescriptions!

2 February 2022

Recreational Services is New Zealand's largest parks specialist, having grown from a single maintenance contract in Auckland with Takapuna golf course with six employees to an established presence across 13 Council districts backed by a team of 600 employees. Today its service delivery spans Councils, stadiums, schools, golf courses, cemeteries, reserves, graffiti removal and specialist sports field construction and renovation projects.

22 November 2021

Aotearoa’s forests face a number of challenges and threats, from invasive species, to shifting environmental conditions and the arrival of new pathogens. While many of us are well-versed in taking on pest plants and animals, pathogens are in many ways more stealthy and challenging to combat; trapping a possum certainly seems more doable than stopping a microbe!

17 November 2021

Need some inspiration on how you can join in on Get Outdoors Week NZ 2021? Check out our list of recreational activities that not only get you outdoors, but also help protect our beautiful country!

5 November 2021

Cycle trails are a wonderful way to discover New Zealand and reconnect with friends and family. Between beautiful wide-open places, amazing sights and friendly folk, there are literally millions of reasons to head out onto our cycle trails. Let us convince you with ten of the best. 

12 October 2021

 If there is ever an excuse to get outdoors, it’s the annual NZ Get Outdoors Week. Although, here at the NZ Mountain Safety Council, we never need an excuse to enjoy what we are so lucky to have right at our doorstep. However, sometimes it can be difficult to muster up the motivation and find the inspiration to hit the tracks, no matter the length.

21 May 2021

After 25 years working for Opus/WSP Sarah Cresswell has started her own business, Wai Skills. We had a quick-fire chat with Sarah to learn more!

13 April 2021

Westland Recreation Centre senior lifeguard, Sam Bradley, recently shared his story about an incident involving an inflatable seat ring. He's interested in hearing from other facilities about their experiences with these inflatables.

11 March 2021

This year the awesome team at Environment Canterbury are getting involved with Parks Week with a mounted rogaine in the Waimakariri Regional Park (March 14). We had a quick chat with the Parks and Forests Team Leader, James Page, to learn more.


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