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4 November 2020

A few years ago, there was an ad on TV that referred to New Zealand as the 'best backyard in the world'. With seven distinct species of deer, wild pigs, the agile alpine chamois and the mighty Himalayan tahr, New Zealand is also one of the best places in the world to hunt.

19 October 2020

Rowan Foley is the Aquatic Manager for Christchurch City Council and was one of our fantastic panelists for Waves Online 2020. Rowan has been serving the aquatics sector for many years and in our latest member spotlight we find out why!

11 August 2020

Will Bowden is a Manager and Agronomist at New Zealand Turf Management Solutions. Will has had many years of experience in turf grass management and he tells us exactly what he loves the most about our sector in our latest member spotlight.

13 July 2020

David Cameron, of Filtration & Pumping Commercial Ltd, has been a friend of Recreation Aotearoa for a long time and is one of the awesome sponsors for the Waves conference. We had a quickfire chat with David in the latest member spotlight...

3 July 2020

Ann Langis is the Director of Conscious Kids, an awesome organisation dedicated to promoting play and using it as a learning pathway for children. Find out a little more about Ann and the work that she does with Conscious Kids in our latest member spotlight...

29 June 2020

Ask different industries what their key challenges are moving into the future, and one common issue arises: finding ways to reduce your environmental impact while maintaining performance and productivity.

25 June 2020

Our next spotlight is on Outward Bound, who were recipients of our Targeted Outdoor Activity Fund. Outward Bound have been delivering adventure programmes since 1962, their aim to uncover the true potential of our communities through experiential outdoor learning. With the Outdoor Activity Fund support, they were able to offer 13 young people from all walks of life the opportunity to attend their Southern Cross course.

18 June 2020

Our latest Member Spotlight is with Fila Fuamatu. Fila is the Lead Systems Innovator for The Cause Collective. The Cause Collective is an organisation, based in South Auckland, which seeks to get to the heart of social change for the Pacific community.

17 June 2020

During lockdown there were many groups and organisations who adapted their way of working and their way of delivering recreation by going online. We hosted an excellent webinar which covered this topic ( view the full webinar here) and we had a fantastic panel of speakers who gave us insight into how they were delivering their programmes in the online space and what that meant for their customers. Now that we have emerged from lockdown, we touched base with some of the panelists to find out the impact of their online journey and what they are doing now, post-lockdown.

11 June 2020

We have an excellent base of dedicated members who have really cool jobs! To help promote our membership base and give you a little insight into some of the cool people we work with, we've developed this quick-fire question series. Every month we will introduce you to members from the different industries within the recreation sector. This month we talked with Lynden Noakes from Lido Aquatic Centre in Palmerston North....


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