Green Flag Award

The Green Flag Award® isn't about how long your grass is, or how tall your flowers are. It's not about how many swings you have, or how slippery your slide is.

The Green Flag Award® is about community. A Green Flag Award® park provides a safe, well managed and welcoming space for the local community.

The Green Flag Award® is an international mark of quality. In the 2020/2021 award season we had 24 awards presented to cemeteries, parks and reserves throughout New Zealand. TYou can learn more about our winning parks on the Green Flag Award® website.

Join us this year, apply for a Green Flag Award® and celebrate your amazing green spaces and places.

To apply, please log in to and click on "apply for an Award".

For more information on the application process and fees please click here or contact Rhiann Collins on

Alternatively, you can view the below document that explains the award and how to apply.

Current Green Flag Award winners


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