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25 August 2017

Magical Park, the digital playground that turns your park into a fairy wonderland overnight, is releasing Magical Park 2.0 just in time for Spring. In this latest game release there are new stories and challenges to undertake as well as awesome high definition graphics and loads more exciting new features! Read more

18 August 2017

NZPAMG is a network of parks managers who come together on a regular basis to progress best practice management and advocacy of our parks and open spaces. This group sits under the NZRA umbrella, and is coordinated by Geoff Canham. Read more

4 August 2017

The annual Outdoors Forum will be hosted by NZRA on 4 & 5 September at The Boat Shed in Wellington. The Outdoors Forum is the annual event that unifies the outdoors sector and gives us an opportunity to learn, collaborate, discuss and recognise achievement. Read more

21 July 2017

Tourism numbers are booming right across New Zealand, and each of those tourists needs somewhere to go, and something to do. Some of our most popular outdoor experiences, like the Tongariro Crossing, are packed, and this has impacts not only on tourist experiences, but also on how locals get to interact with their nearest and dearest outdoor spaces. Read more

14 July 2017

This week we’ve been able to share the programme on the JAWS website, and I’m really excited about the inspiring speakers and workshops that we have lined up. Read more.

7 July 2017

A recent news item told us that the residents of Westport are talking about moving their town inland. Nobody wants to have to move, but this is solid thinking. Read more

23 June 2017

It’s been fifty-five years since the first ever JAWS and fourteen years since I first attended, so working on the programme is bringing back lots of fantastic memories of past conferences. Read more.

16 June 2017

Our iconic west coast glaciers that reach almost to sea level, Fox and Franz Josef, are a part of our shared picture of the New Zealand outdoors. Read more.

9 June 2017

At the Green Pavlova Conference 2017, The Generate Network hosted two workshop presentations all surrounded on “Sharing your Parks Story”. This presentation was a direct response to the feedback being received at parks manager meetings earlier in the year. Read more.

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1 June 2017

The New Zealand Interface Magazine, which educates schools about the latest healthy technology for kids, invited Geo AR Games along as one of the keynote speakers to their national road show. Read more.


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