Aquatics Awards

The annual Aquatics Awards recognise the innovations and individuals making waves in the New Zealand aquatics industry. 

Please see the bottom of the page for terms and conditions.

Applications are now open and will close Friday 13 July 5pm.

Aquatic Innovation Award

This award recognises the success of a programme or project which shows innovation, community engagement, industry leadership and overall sustainability. We are looking for an innovation that enhances the aquatic experience, streamlines the operation of the facility and/or contributes to the wider industry.


Lifeguard of the Year Award

The Lifeguard of the Year Award recognises an outstanding lifeguard who contributes to their facility, community and the aquatics industry in Aotearoa. We are looking for those exceptional people that enhance the aquatic experience for both customers and staff through their enthusiasm and professionalism.


All applicants are to:

  • Complete the above application/nomination form, providing data / evidence to show how the applicant meets each of the judging criteria.
  • A one minute video – to give a high-level overview of the applicant.
  • Three photos – to showcase the applicant

Applications/nominations must respond to each of the judging criteria specified for each award. Applications that do not address or provide relevant evidence for each criteria will likely score lower than those that do.

Photos and videos may be used to showcase the applicants and winners at the Awards Presentation Dinner. 

Please note winners will NOT be notified prior to the Awards’ ceremony so we encourage all nominees to attend the awards dinner. All nominations are to be made electronically. No hard copies will be accepted

Who can apply? 

  • Any organisation or individual who is involved in the aquatics industry.
  • An organisation can apply for recognition themselves, or be nominated by another party 
  • The Lifeguard of the Year will be awarded to an individual 
  • Applicants do not need to be members of Recreation Aotearoa (however will be given automatic virtual membership)
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