The Yardstick Parks service offers industry leading benchmarking services that are supported by and of benefit to the parks and green space industry.

An organisation's participation in Yardstick Parks will ensure that it can compare and measure performance against others in the industry, providing a proven and sustainable delivery model with opportunities for benchmarking globally.

In addition to New Zealand, Yardstick Parks currently operates in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, South Africa and Canada.

For further information on Yardstick Parks visit the Yardstick Global Website.

Recreation Facilities

Collecting information about facilities is crucial to enable effective management.

Yardstick Recreation Facilities is a business improvement initiative developed by the pools and leisure centre industry, for the industry.

It collects and compares information on the provision of services, cost of provision, revenue, usage, staff resources, programs and marketing, asset management, planning and policy information, customer expectations and satisfaction.

For further information on Yardstick Recreation Facilities, contact Yardstick Facilities Benchmarks Project Director Brian Milne on +6421359041 or visit the Yardstick Global website.

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