Certification as an Accredited Recreation Professional (ARPro) can be attained through Recreation Aotearoa.

The purpose of Recreation Aotearoa accreditation is to independently recognise an individual's standard of professional attainment within the recreation profession and provide employer, peer and public recognition. It also is an internationally recognised way of demonstrating your personal passion for your profession by committing to on-going professional development.

To apply, you must have been a Recreation Aotearoa member for 2 years. Go to the members area to find out more.

Read this account of benefits of being an ARPro - Geoff Canham, ARPro

Accreditation Flyer

Application Form

Revalidation Form


To the Individual
  • Opportunity for professional development through delivery of presentations and written material
  • Independent assessment of relevant professional knowledge and skill
  • Recognition of industry and work based skill/achievement
  • Eligibility to use the title Accredited Recreation Professional (ARPro)
  • Achievement of a valued industry measure of professional capability
To the Employer
  • Provision of professional development opportunities
  • Confidence of skill levels of individuals
  • Provision of a recognisable and valued training focus for employees
To the Industry
  • An independent professional audit system through which individuals can prove their level of relevant professional knowledge and skill
  • An acknowledged industry standard of professionalism and skill
  • An opportunity to share and learn from the knowledge and experiences of others within the industry


Applicants must be able to demonstrate:

  • Professional commitment to the industry and sector
  • Professional contribution by way of assessed written and oral presentation to peers
  • Relevant ongoing professional development
  • Relevant experience within the sector, or
  • Relevant tertiary qualification


  • Professional commitment with two years continual Recreation Aotearoa (or overseas equivalent) membership prior to application date
  • Three years full-time equivalent post-qualification work experience in the recreation industry in policy, planning, research, consulting, operations management (or similar), OR;
  • A relevant tertiary qualification, OR;
  • Have significant senior level experience in lieu of a relevant academic qualification.


  • A 30+ minute oral presentation (can be a mix of presentation and question time) at a conference/seminar/workshop/webinar on a topic related to advancing understanding of an aspect of recreation, sport, parks or aquatics in New Zealand
  • A written document/article (Minimum 1,500 words) that demonstrates a comprehensive understanding about the significance of the topic to the recreation industry. The written material may relate to the oral presentation or be some article/document prepared as part of professional work undertaken by the applicant sometime in the previous two years. Co-authorship is acceptable where the applicant is the primary author
  • A short 250 word bio, listing qualifications and including a portrait photo


To remain accredited the person must:

  • Maintain continual membership of Recreation Aotearoa, and;
  • Demonstrate continued professional development by successfully completing a relevant tertiary paper, OR;
  • Fully participating in a conference or seminar, or equivalent professional development or service once every two years.


The process for accreditation as an Accredited Recreation Professional (ARPro) has four components:

  • Satisfying the criteria
  • Payment of the appropriate fee
  • Being assessed for accreditation
  • Providing evidence of ongoing professional development and commitment to the sector


Download an application form


$200 plus GST for initial ARPro accreditation and $100 plus GST every three years for validation of continuing education and contribution to the industry.


Initial Application for ARPro: Applicants provide proof of education and experience when submitting their application. Then a written document is submitted and a presentation is organised, in whichever order works for you. These are assessed by Accreditation Board Members or a designee of the group. The written and oral submission can be on the same topic, but this is not required. A variety of written/presentation styles are accepted.

Here are some examples:

Hamish Rogers reports on his trip to the UK to support the Sport Beyond Schools project

Sam Newton submission to Government on the significance of freshwater to recreation

Amanda Cox reflects on her experience of weed spraying Queen Elizabeth Park on the Kapiti Coast

Current ARPro Holders as at 11 June 2020

Jane Aickin

Sarah Beaman

Jenn Benden

Mark Bowater

Alex Brunt

Esther Bukholt

Geoff Canham

Craig Carter

Hannah Chapman-Carr

Robyn Cockburn

Matthew Cooper

Ben Corcoran

Amanda Cox

Anna Crawford

Rebecca Cray

Sarah Cresswell

Nico Crous

Warren Dalgleish

Amanda Davies

Howell Davies

Jamie Delich

Linda Dorrington

Brent Eastwood

Michele Frey

Steve Gibling

Prof Bevan Grant

Rob Greenaway

Lynnell Greer

Gina Hailwood

Catherine Hamilton

Eric Hamilton

Mark Hammond

Tina Harris-Ririnui

Deb Hurdle

Martin van Jaarsveld

Andrea Jackson

Kirsty Knowles

Alison Law

Jennifer Leaf

Andrew Leslie

Richard Lindsay

Dave Mckenzie

Kirsten Malpas

Thomas Mann

Michael Mercer

Mark Miller

Brian Milne

Gareth Moore-Jones

Kathy Moore

Sarah Murray

Mark Naudé

Karl Nesbitt

Sam Newton

Lynden Noakes

Emma Pavey

Kiri Pope

Tracey Prince-Puketapu

Jordan Reynolds

Sharon Rimmer

Hamish Rogers

Craig Rouse

Chris Rutherford

Ian Soper

Bruce Stokell

Tracy Talbot

Peter Thompson

Judy Tipping

Julian Todd

Lance Vervoort

Amy Waller

Digby Whyte

Julianne Wilkinson

Royce Williams

Paul Wilson

Cat Wylde

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