GO Week Accessibility Highlight: Dave McCalman

Get Outdoors Week 2022 has a focus on accessibility, highlighting outdoor activity for all ages and abilities - whether it's someone with mobility differences or a family just starting to explore the outdoors. We asked some of our Accessible Outdoors Working Group committee members to share their experiences with the accessible outdoors! First up is Dave McCalman from Halberg Foundation:

How you like to get outdoors?

My favourite outdoor activity is handcycling. I use a handcycle that attaches to my regular wheelchair. It’s a power assist cycle that is good for cycleways and some easier trails. I ride regularly from my home to the beach and back – around 25 kms.

Why you enjoy the outdoors?

Physical activity has been a huge part of my life and as I have gotten older nothing has changed. I enjoy the sun and exercise together. If I am not feeling mentally onto it, a ride will sort me out.

How would you like to see outdoor accessibility improved?

The barriers at the start and the end of trails need to be removed asap. I once rode 15km to the end of a trail that had squeeze gates to exit. Very frustrating as my fellow non-disabled riders were able to get through but not me!!  Also, wider trails to accommodate two rear wheeled cycles would be great.

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