Fun and Games at San Isidrou - Diana Saxton

Recreation Aotearoa member, Diana Saxton, has been working in the Solomon Islands on a six-month, Volunteer Services Abroad assignment with the National Sports Council (NSC).

Here is a highlight she has shared with us:

“I was introduced to the San Isidro Care Centre (for the deaf and disabled) by VSA Programme Manager Shupayi Mpunga-Direen. I met the deaf and disabled graduate students who are doing a three-month sign language course to support the deaf and disabled in their communities, and invited to facilitate a half-day recreation and games planning workshop.

The students discussed what they love doing and would like to do for recreation and physical activity. In small groups, they planned an energetic and cooperative games session for the other students including a mix of traditional activities – kastom dancing and a game using stones, plus ones familiar to us in Aotearoa NZ such as sack jumping, tug-o-war and long rope skipping. 

The day was highly enjoyed by everyone, and it was an opportunity for two Physical Education curriculum advisers working on a contract for the Ministry of Education to attend and get some ideas for developing an inclusive PE programme for schools. One of the PE advisers is going to follow up with an athletics outreach programme and many of the students will also be taking part in the annual Peace Marathon.

Bigfala tagio tumas San Isidro for a wonderful opportunity to learn with you the art of playing inclusive games and discussing opportunities for ongoing participation in recreation, sport and physical activity.” - Diana Saxton

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