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Poolsafe Post Serious Incident Checklist

Recreation Aotearoa and Water Safety New Zealand (WSNZ) recognise there is a need to support aquatics facility owners, managers and staff if a fatality or an incident resulting in serious harm occurs.

We can offer support and advice if a serious incident occurs at an aquatic facility.

Serious Incident Checklist

Poolsafe Serious Incident Review Service

Recreation Aotearoa provides an independent and objective review service for incidents involving serious harm or fatality.

If a review is conducted, representatives of Recreation Aotearoa may visit the site to gather information. An impartial report will be constructed based on the findings, and the report will be provided to the facility manager confidentially.

This review service is in the interest of the public, the aquatics sector and government agencies with statutory responsibilities for workplace and water safety.

Key findings from these reviews may be used to help illustrate and improve aquatics industry best practice, without mention of the specific facility. These findings will improve the industry's ability to track serious harm incident trends, enabling facilities to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

The Poolsafe incident review service is not an official investigation, but rather a peer review conducted by industry personnel.

Poolsafe Serious Incident Review Factsheet

Annual Incident Reviews

Facilities that are members of the Poolsafe Scheme are required to provide information for the Annual Incident Review.

This information is very important and it's critical we have a high return rate to ensure comparability with the statistics from the previous year. All information received is confidential and will only be used as complete industry numbers, and not focused on individual facilities, i.e. 'the total number of visits to PoolsafePools was X'.

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