Poolsafe Signage

We produce signage for Poolsafe pools on request. These signs reinforce rules for supervision and responsible behaviour at aquatic facilities. Signage comes at a cost of $55 including GST and postage. Contact to order.

The following signs are available:

Every different design above is available in each size.

Roll-up banners are also available at a cost of $250 including GST and postage. These make a great addition to a reception area at a facility. Contact to order.

If you wish to add your facility logo to any of the signage, we also have a digital package available for $100. You will receive the artwork for signage which you can then add your logo to and have printed. Please contact order.

We also have the following signage available:
  • Supervision sign with graphic illustrating family at play in the pool (available in portrait/landscape and for under 8/under10)
  • Poolsafe stop sign (available for under 8/under 10)
  • Poolsafe active supervision stop sign (available for under 8/under 10)
  • Have fun and be safe sign, detailing acceptable behaviour in the pool (available for under 8/under 10)

If you would like to order Poolsafe signage, please contact

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