Kate Parr (First Step Outdoors MD) has been working with the Te Pahu Primary School over a number of years designing and delivering a part of their EOTC Programme.

Named "The Te Pahu Challenge" it came about after much research by the school in ways to get the learners engaged with the outdoors and creating opportunities and challenges that would 'stretch' their ability to try an outdoor 'adventure'.

This year all students have completed a tramp on the Pirongia mountain (based on ability and age) and recently have completed 3 climbing days.

Kate says that the Schools motto "Attitude Determines Altitude" plays a major role in getting these students "up and over things". "They have all challenged themselves these past few weeks with the climbing programme, from a small climbing wall through to climbing out at the amazing Castle Rock - Wharepapa South. There have been some real challenges and it was an amazing experience to see all of these children achieve and go home with big smiles on their faces with some big tales to tell."

First Step Outdoors' main ethos is to get people 'started on their 'first step' into the outdoors. Our staff love to share their passion of the outdoors, we hope that we ignite and inspire others to continue to do the same'.

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