Outdoor Awards

The Outdoor Awards celebrate individuals and organisations that have been successful in significantly improving outdoor recreation outcomes for participants and clients.

The Awards are an important means of recognising the size and diversity of the outdoor recreation sector and provide an opportunity for outdoor individuals and organisations to be rewarded, recognised and for us to celebrate their contribution.

They are also a means of recognising how important outdoor recreation is to the lifestyle of all New Zealanders.

2018 Outdoor Awards

Congratulations to the dedicated volunteers and outstanding organisations who were among the award winners at the 2018 Outdoor Awards, held in Auckland on 23 July 2018. The winners were as follows:

• NZAC Outstanding Volunteer Award – Gillian Crombie

• DoC Environmental Leadership Award – Youthtown Envirocamps

• YMCA Outstanding Programme Award – Craftlab

• Visitor Solutions Outstanding Event Award – Cape Fear Youth Adventure Race (winner), 3 Peaks Go-4-12 (highly commended)

• MSC Organisational Excellence Award – Adventure Specialties Trust (winner), Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre (highly commended)

• Skills Active Supreme Award – Fiona McDonald

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