School of People, Environment and Planning Planning Seminar 2019

Through a Local Governance Lens: Divergent and Convergent Perspectives of Effective Urban Greenspace Provision

A seminar led by Chris Boulton, Cities Research Institute, Griffith University (Australia)

Greenspace is a fundamental attribute of cities, supporting healthy communities, and internationally scholars and activists frequently call for more greenspace. While municipal government is most often at the heart of local urban greenspace provision, delivery depends upon internal as well as external factors which can act as disruptors. In fast growing cities, these factors can be amplified by the pace of growth, a phenomenon not isolated in Australasian cities. Drawing upon two case studies, this paper examines which factors most affect urban greenspace in two fast growing cities of Australia and Canada, exploring how they manifest locally. This paper offers insights from grounded theory to help inform future urban policy and research directions for urban greenspace planning approaches.

Wednesday 6th November
12pm, SST3.07
Massey University, Palmerston North


Livestream available by request


Chris Boulton is an independent urban greenspace professional and a practicing academic (Doctoral Researcher and Sessional Lecturer) with Urban Planning and Management in Griffith University's School of Environment and Science and Cities Research Institute. Chris' expertise is municipal urban greenspace management, landscape architecture, environmental planning and crime prevention. As an experienced leader, Chris offers inspiration and insight for individuals and learning communities and founded The CityGreen Lab to examine and inspire effective urban greenspace provision with local and international collaborators.

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