MC Coaching Programme

Thank you for your interest in Recreation Aotearoa's MC Coaching Programme, designed to build skills and confidence presenting in a professional setting. We are thrilled to be offering the MC Coaching Programme leading into the upcoming Recreation Conference.

Details Overview


• Curriculum: You will be provided with a workbook and will also need to order "The Expert MC: Toolkit and Resource Manual" on-line at a cost of $20.

• Preparation: There will be four hours of preparation; studying the Recreation Aotearoa Expert MC Workbook and developing case studies and introductions based on the speakers and topics you are assigned.

• On-line workshop: You will take part in an online webinar workshop under the guidance of Esther Bukholt and Mariah Godin. This will take place on Thursday, October 31st, 2pm-4pm.

• Your MC experience: You will be required to introduce at least three speakers at Recreation Conference on either November 27th or 28th, depending on the speakers you are assigned. You will receive free registration for the day of the conference you are presenting on. Travel and accommodations will be your responsibility.

What you'll get:

• First-hand experience introducing leading industry professionals at our national conference

• Free attendance to Recreation Conference on your presentation day

• Individual feedback on your presenting skills as an MC at conference

Learning Outcomes - by the end of the MC Coaching Programme, you will have:

• improved understanding of the theory and practice of what makes a good MC

• identified your; MC "style", strengths and areas where you can improve

• performed as an MC for Recreation Aotearoa in a national conference

• developed a reflective process for your own MCing and that of others for continued learning


Please fill out the following form at to complete your application. We are currently seeking 6 participants for the programme. Applications will be accepted until 4pm, Tuesday October 15th and we will follow up with applicants no later than Friday October 18th. Any questions may be directed to Mariah Godin at .

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