A Word from Joseph Whittaker the 2022 Lifeguard of the Year

What does winning the Lifeguard of the Year Award mean to you?

Winning the Lifeguard of the Year Award was a big achievement which showed that all the effort I put in over the past few years really paid off. Everyone that helped me get here are winners too, especially my beautiful partner and four kids.

Why do you love your job?

I love my job because every day is a different day, and I can’t wait to see what the day is going to bring. I get lots of joy of seeing and interacting with customers and fellow staff members. Also, it is great watching customers progress from learning to swim to post-op recovery and even just having fun in the facility. Knowing that I’m part of this encourages me to keep my customers feeling welcomed and safe to the best of my ability. The people that use the facility are the reason why I love my job!

What is one piece of advice you think is important to pass on to someone wanting to become a lifeguard?

Enjoy yourself and have fun as part of a supportive team. Try and keep people safe and happy to the best of your ability and don’t just see it as a paycheck because people are worth more than money.

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