ARPro Te Puawānanga

Gain recognition for your dedication to your recreation career, your commitment to professional development, and your achievements in the recreation industry through the Accredited Recreation Professional (ARPro) programme. 

Why ARPro?

ARPro accreditation celebrates your professional accomplishments and enhances your resume, demonstrating your commitment to the sector and to continuous improvement. This internationally recognised programme can bolster your credentials globally, no matter where your career takes you. 

Through ARPro, you'll gain valuable feedback on your skills from recreation experts. Once you achieve ARPro accreditation, you'll be publicly acknowledged on this webpage. We'll also send you a certificate and pin, and a badge you can add to your email signature and LinkedIn account. 

Early career opportunities

New to the industry? Get an early advantage by applying for ARPro accreditation. Connect with experienced ARPro members, gain valuable knowledge, and enhance your resume or email signature with the ARPro credential, signalling your commitment to excellence in the sector. 

Employers, support your team’s growth

Here’s your chance to support your teams’ professional development journey. The ARPro programme provides a structured framework for enhancing skills and earning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points through diverse experiences. ARPro accreditation motivates staff to develop their skills, with their progress assessed by experts in the recreation sector. 

ARPro levels

The ARPro accreditation programme offers three levels to support your professional growth in the recreation sector. 

Learn more about ARPro levels

ARPro accreditation process

To apply for ARPro accreditation, you must be a current Recreation Aotearoa paid member. Follow these steps:

  1. Complete your application and payment 
    Apply on Jotform 
  2. Prepare for oral and written assessments
    See the oral presentation assessment matrix
    See the written presentation assessment matrix
  3. Undertake oral and written assessments
    Complete within 12 months of your initial application.

Learn more about the ARPro assessment process

ARPro fees

ARPro accreditation is valid for three years, with revalidation options available to maintain your status, and the opportunity to move up levels. Costs for each level are outlined below.  

  • Level 1: $100 + GST for the initial three-year period
  • Level 2: $175 + GST for the initial three-year period
  • Level 3: $250 + GST for the initial three-year period 
  • APRro revalidation: $125 + GST every three years 
  • ARPro reassessment to move up levels: $75 + GST.

Learn more about ARPro revalidation

Current ARPro holders

Join a distinguished group of accredited recreation professionals, including: 

Alex Calwell; Amanda Cox; Amanda Davies; Amy Tsao; Amy Waller; Andrea Jackson; Andrew Corkill; Andrew Leslie; Ann Langis; Anna Crawford; Bec Ramsay; Ben Corcoran; Bevan Grant; Bevan Smith; Brendon Rope; Brent Eastwood; Brian Milne; Cassandra Horton; Cat Wylde; Catherine Hamilton; Chris Rutherford; Christine Wildhaber;  Craig Carter; Dave Allan; Dave McKenzie; De-Arne Sutherland; Deb Hurdle; Digby Whyte; Dion Gosling; Emma Pavey; Eric Hamilton; Esther Bukholt; Gareth Moore-Jones; Geoff Canham; Gina Hailwood; Grant MacLeod; Hamish Rogers; Hannah Chapman-Carr; Hayley Lee; Howell Davies; Ian Soper; Jenn Benden; Jennifer Leaf; Jill Rice; Judy Tipping; Julian Todd; Julianne Wilkinson;  Karl Nesbit; Kathy Moore; Kevin Collier; Kiri Pope; Kirsty Knowles; Kuruho Wereta; Lance Vervoort; Leith McFadden; Lucia Caves;  Lynden Noakes; Lynnell Greer; Mark Bowater; Mark Hammond; Mark Miller; Mark Naudé; Martin van Jaarsveld; Mathew Strange; Matthew Cooper; Michele Frey; Mike Page; Nicki Malone; Paul Dunphy; Phil Oster; Phil Waggott; Rebecca Cray; Richard Lindsay; Rob Greenaway; Robyn Cockburn; Royce Williams; Sam Newton; Sarah Beaman; Sarah Cresswell; Sarah Murray; Sharon Rimmer; Sheryl Burt; Simon Battrick; Stella Morgan; Steve Gibling; Thomas Dixon; Thomas Mann; Tina Harris-Ririnui; Tracey Hodder; Tracey Prince-Puketapu; Tracey Talbot; Vanessa Davies; Warren Dalgleish; Will Bowden.