Tuakana Teina Mentorship Programme

Tuakana teina is a concept from te ao Māori that refers to the relationship between an older (tuakana) sibling and a younger (teina) sibling. In mentoring, tuakana teina is a way of viewing the relationship between a mentor and a mentee. Both bring skills and insights of benefit to the other. 

About the Tuakana Teina programme

The Tuakana Teina programme is voluntary and free to join. The programme runs for six months and participants are expected to commit to an hour each month. You must also participate in two check-in session with us, at three months and six months. 

Read the Tuakana Teina programme overview for more information

Benefits of having a mentor

  • Gain knowledge, perspective and/or skills from an experienced member. 
  • Be supported and encouraged to develop professionally. 
  • Receive feedback from someone impartial. 
  • Grow your professional network. 

Benefits of having a mentee

  • Gain knowledge, perspective and/or skills from someone with fresh eyes. 
  • Grow your leadership and coaching skills. 
  • Give back to help strengthen and support our industry. 
  • Grow your professional network. 

Apply for the Tuakana Teina programme

The next Tuakana Teina cohort will run from February - July 2024.

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More information

If you have questions or would like more information, email Jenny Jordan: jenny@nzrecreation.org.nz