Introducing ARPro Te Pūawananga

ARPro accreditation acknowledges an individual’s professional accomplishments in the recreation industry. It helps you gain recognition from your employer, peers and the public. 

ARPro review

The ARPro accreditation committee has undertaken a review of the ARPro accreditation programme over the last 12 months. The review was aimed at ensuring APRro was set at an international benchmark, while reflecting the unique characteristics of the recreation sector in Aotearoa. ARPro Te Pūwananga introduces two pivotal changes. 

A new staircase model 

ARPro Te Pūawananga offers three distinct levels, which mirror the growth of te pūawananga, the native clematis.  Starting with te pūtake, representing foundational knowledge, Level 1 provides a platform for those just beginning to establish their roots in recreation. Moving up to Level 2, represented by te aka tipu - the creeping vine, this level aligns with those who are broadening their knowledge and experience of the recreation sector. Finally, we reach te pūawanga, the clematis flower. In the bush this flower is seen across the canopy and is a shining light. We look to those who achieve this level as experts in their recreation area. 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points

We’ve introduced Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points as part of the revalidation process, to encourage ongoing professional growth. The CPD categories are deliberately broad, reflecting the diversity of our sector. Maintaining ARPro status now requires earning 30 CPD points over a three-year period.

New visual identity

Accompanying these enhancements is a vibrant rebrand, inspired by Te Pūawananga, the clematis. Our new visual identity, featuring colours and imagery drawn from this iconic flower, reinforces our commitment to celebrating excellence in recreation. ARPro recipients will receive a comprehensive pack, including logos for use in email signatures and on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Keep an eye out for these – coming soon.

This marks a pivotal moment for ARPro, reaffirming our dedication to fostering professional excellence and leadership in recreation.  Whether you're just starting your journey or aiming for the highest echelons of expertise, ARPro Te Pūawananga is here to support and recognise your achievements.

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