Yardstick Update - April '17

If benchmarking is valuable for business, then it’s got to be beneficial for local government. Benchmarking allows businesses, whether in the public or private sector, to identify and compare levels of service, financial performance, operational efficiency and best practice.

NZRA has a benchmarking tool specifically designed for parks and recreation facilities. Yardstick is a suite of benchmarking tools that delivers “need to know” information for parks and recreation facilities management and operations. The Yardstick tools include benchmarking and user surveys for both parks and recreation facilities.

Benchmarking against other similar operations gives organisations the opportunity to measure performance and identify operational inefficiencies and levels of service that may be out of sync with the rest of the industry. User surveys for parks and facilities allow organisations to compare the expectations and experiences of their customers, identify gaps or over delivery of services, and measure performance.

The first step to cost effective delivery of parks and recreation services is understanding your business. We can help you get to know yours better. Visit https://www.yardstickglobal.org/ and contact us for more information.

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