Yardstick Parks Update October 2020

Yardstick Parks Benchmarking is pretty much completed for 2020, with only two organisations left to complete. Population metadata has been updated back to 2013 using StatsNZ updated population estimates. Members will be able to view and down load reports from the website. For a little taste, click here.

Yardstick Parks Benchmarking and Parks User Surveys can provide you with the tools you need to demonstrate the link between expenditure, level of service and community satisfaction. Read our Levels of Service Case Study to see how Yardstick can help to support you to lobby for additional resources.

It's time to start thinking about user surveys to find out what your parks users think of what you are providing. Yardstick parks and trails user surveys can be completed online so offer a great way to target parks and trails users and get their views without breaking social distancing rules. Find out more about what we can offer you, and contact us for more information.

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