Support Adventure and Activity Safety Guidelines (ASGs)

From the last issue of Kaitiaki, you will know that alongside our friends at Tourism industry Aotearoa, we were able to convince WorkSafe how important it is to develop the remaining ASGs, and maintain the existing ones and the Safety Management Plan template. We are continuing to engage with Worksafe to ensure that they carry out their undertaking to do so in a timely and robust manner.

Our attention now turns to the ongoing operation of the SupportAdventure website. Any operator using the Adventure Activity Regulations would agree that the website and the guidance material it holds is essential. In the absence of WorkSafe funding the SupportAdventure website (and an overdue update to its operating platform), the question now is ‘who is going to pay for it?’ It is a classic ‘tragedy of the commons’ issue – everyone benefits from it, but it is difficult to get anyone to pay for it. Recognising the importance of SupportAdventure to the Outdoor Recreation Sector, NZRA is considering sharing the responsibility for the website with our close friend and partner TIA. We are currently working on the detail of how this might happen. taking on the responsibility of the SupportAdventure website. We are currently engaging with our close friend and partner TIA, around how we might share that responsibility.

It must be noted that only a fraction of the entities registered as an Adventure Activity Operator are members of NZRA or TIA. We would ask those organisations who utilise and benefit from the SupportAdventure website, consider joining TIA or NZRA here

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