Auckland council wants to see more Aucklanders actively involved in outdoor recreation. This is because our vast network of regional parks, esplanade reserve, greenways and other open space deliver a number of health, social, environmental and economic outcomes for Aucklanders.

To do this, Auckland Council is developing an Outdoor Recreation Investment Plan. This will guide the investment over the next 20 years. The plan will help develop a strategic approach to the provision of outdoor recreation across the region. This will ensure Auckland Council prioritises investment to enhance outdoor recreation opportunities where they are most needed and can benefit the most people.

We will build on the various focus groups, workshops and meetings that Auckland Council has already held with the sector. This valuable feedback will inform a discussion document.

Council will consult on the discussion document early next year through a series of stakeholder workshops. We will also trial other innovative ways to engage with the public.

We really appreciate all the feedback you have provided to us so far and look forward to continuing discussions in the new year.

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