Auckland Council Outdoor Recreation Investment Strategy

Auckland Council has initiated a project to develop a strategic investment approach to the provision of outdoor recreation opportunities across Auckland.

The Outdoor Recreation Investment Plan will seek to prioritise provision where it is needed most and will maximise the contribution outdoor recreation makes towards achieving wider community, environmental and economic outcomes.

It has been pleasing to note that Auckland Council is seeking to redress its traditionally strong emphasis on sports investment with an increased focus on Outdoor Recreation. This is backed by a growing body of evidence which suggests investing more in Outdoor Recreation may have a greater contribution to delivering on Councils statutory obligations, as well as delivering on a broader range of social, cultural, environmental and economic outcomes.

Auckland Council has consulted with NZRA over several meetings and workshops in recent weeks in order to develop their thinking. We are also facilitating a workshop with NZRA members and Auckland Council planning staff on November the 3rd. If you wish to attend this workshop and advance your views into this process please email Fiona Ryder at

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