Adventure Activity Regulations and WorkSafe Industry Support

NZRA has expressed its disappointment to Worksafe over its decision last year, to discontinue it provision of industry support to the Adventure Activity Sector.

In the past, the support has taken the form of funding the development and maintenance of the Activity Safety Guidelines and SMP templates, funding the provision of a ‘help-desk’ for operators, funding the provision of the SupportAdventure website and funding for training workshops. The view of NZRA is that these are all essential elements of the Adventure Activity Registration Scheme. Operators have come a long way and made significant efforts to adhere to the regulations.

We noted that the independent study commissioned by WorkSafe and carried out by Galloway Recreation Research, also recommends that industry support continues.

So, it was with some pride that we were informed by WorkSafe that they would commit, at least, to the ongoing maintenance and development of the ASGs. This will be done in-house by Worksafe, rather than contracted out. Our discussions with WorkSafe are now focused on ensuring that the ground-up, operator-input model of ASG development is retained and that the ASG review process is adhered to.

Our attention now turns to the sustained provision of the SupportAdventure website, which is so crucial to any operator. In the meantime, we are grateful that TIA is keeping the website and its guidance material alive.

NZRA continues to work alongside TIA to find long-term funding solutions. Watch this space.

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