Call out to our policy, planning and strategy members

Many thanks to those of you who filled out our survey monkey or talked to us about the idea of an online forum for our policy, planning and strategy members. We had 31 responses and most of you work for a local authority (68%) or a private company (26%). We have 76 members listed as having an interest in policy, planning and strategy so thanks for the great response.

What did we learn?

You find current online forums somewhat useful, and there was more interest in closed online forum for our sector:

The most popular topics for a recreation policy, planning and strategy on-line forum were:

• legal issues
• sharing good practice and case studies
• challenges, trends and issues
• demographic trends
• ways of working with each other

Concerns were also raised about:

• the value of online forums
• crossover with other forums of a similar nature - LG connect, IPENZ and NZPI were mentioned in particular

Next steps and actions you can take

From your feedback, it is clear that you would like us to trial the idea of a closed online forum. To help us do this, we will set up a small advisory group to ensure we choose relevant topics, curate it and share it in useful and relevant ways.

To register your interest in being on the Advisory Group or getting more information about the forum once it’s live, contact 021 090 7864
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