There is no “Planet B”

It’s interesting watching the unfolding of the Donald Trump era of American politics. Who would have guessed that we would be seeing such policy reversal when it comes to matters of international interest such as climate change and environmental protection.

We may wonder what influence we can have in our part of the world. Should we even care about climate change ? Well the answer is a definate YES. We should care a lot. In New Zealand, Auckland is the first city to join the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group in a show of commitment to addressing climate change.

C40 represents more than 500 million people and one-quarter of the global economy. C40 drives urban action that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks while increasing the health, well-being and economic opportunities of urban citizens.

With over 80% of New Zealanders living in urban areas, the liveability of our cities becomes increasingly important. Our parks and urban green spaces play a significant role in contributing to the quality of our urban lifestyles, and become the spaces where we most often connect with nature. How we manage parks, how we develop them, what infrastructure we use, how we restore and protect biodiversity, how we minimise adverse environmental effects, how we utilise, treasure and enjoy our urban green spaces – these are all factors that need our attention for a sustainable future. As our major cities like Auckland continue to grow at unprecedented rates, the actions that we can take at a regional level also become increasingly important. When we start combining the issues of liveable cities, climate change, environmental sustainability, coastal management, green infrastructure, moving to a low carbon future, we need suitable industry forums for parks professionals to share, learn and be challenged. If this sparks your interest, check out the upcoming NZRA Green Pavlova conference!

Mark Bowater

NZRA Chair


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