Code of Ethics


To promote, maintain and enhance the reputation of Recreation Aotearoa, it is desirable that all individuals involved in Recreation Aotearoastrive for high standards of professional integrity, proficiency and knowledge.


  1. All individuals involved in Recreation Aotearoa activities have certain expectations placed on them if they are to be seen as "professional" in their operation. These expectations cover both the professionalism of Recreation Aotearoa and the people working in that organisation, and the expectation placed on the individuals themselves, whatever their employment.

  2. The following principles are endorsed for individuals involved in Recreation Aotearoa activities:
  • To undertake only those professional assignments for which they are suitably qualified and competent, and not to solicit prospective clients through the use of false or misleading claims.
  • To have proper regard for public law and the safety, health and welfare of the public in the performance of their professional duties.
  • To maintain confidentiality of information obtained in the course of professional services unless disclosure serves as a compelling professional purpose or is required by law.
  • To continue personal professional education and to contribute to the advancement of the profession through interchange of information and experience with others, and through sharing the results of experience and research.
  • To treat, and be seen to treat, all clients in a fair and equitable manner and not to commit any act of sexual or racial harassment, discrimination, exploitation or coercion.
  • To maintain a commitment to honesty, integrity and excellence in all dealings.
  • To ensure at all times that they attempt to preserve and enhance the reputation of Recreation Aotearoa , and to exercise loyalty, discretion and sound judgement when discussing issues or concerns of relevance Recreation Aotearoa strengthens this reputation.
  • Not accept compensation, financial or otherwise, from more than one party for the same service, or for other services pertaining to the same work, without consent from the Recreation Aotearoa Board.
  • Inform the Recreation Aotearoa Board or Chief Executive of potential or real conflict of interest.
  • Accept the decision of a client or employer concerning the objectives and nature of professional services to be performed unless the course of action to be pursued involves conduct which is illegal or inconsistent with Recreation Aotearoa 's primary obligation to the public.
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