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Insights to Action

This webinar re-introduces you to Sport New Zealand's Insights Approach and share the way in which three different organisations have translated their insights into action for better recreation and sport outcomes.

Expert presenters:

• Amie Kendall - Knowledge Hub Consultant, Sport NZ: Sport New Zealand's Insights Approach

• Tyler Kirk - Communication and Evaluation Lead, Sport Gisborne Tairāwhiti: Community consultation to guide the re-development of a local park

• Suzanne Duncan - Policy and Strategy Specialist, Far North District Council: Ngā Kuri Auau: changing the face of dog control in the Far North by understanding 100 years of insights

• Thiem Nguyen, Participation and Insights Manager - Golf New Zealand: Love Golf - changing the face of Golf to match our changing times

This FREE webinar is hosted by Recreation Aotearoa and sponsored by Skills Active in association with Sport NZ.

For further information contact: esther@nzrecreation.org.nz 027 697 2001

Moving Forward Together in Action

Government, Community and Business working together

This webinar is part of the Moving Forward Together Community of Practice series. In this first webinar find out how two of your colleagues partnered with their communities to create>

• social enterprise to develop a beautiful and safe community park

• world class cutting edge mountain bike strategy

Expert presenters: Amanda Davies, National Operations Manager, Downer & Mike Oates, Principal Advisor Engagement and Consultation, Wellington City Council

To register for the on-line community of practice with webinars, resources and forums, register with www.sporttutor.nz/nextsteps and search for Moving Forward Together.

For further information contact: esther@nzrecreation.org.nz 027 697 2001

North American Neighbourhood led-development

Neighbourhood blocks are Americas answer to creating happy, connected communities. Find out how it works, who manages them, what it costs, what difference it makes and how it could help us in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
The Community-Led Development movement in New Zealand has been growing exponentially over the last few years and as a small country we are often inspired by overseas examples. In 2017, two of our leading Sports Trust CEOs were granted the opportunity for a North American study tour[1] in this topic with guidance from Jim Diers USA. Mathew and Brent share what they discovered in this webinar followed by an online forum that gives you the opportunity to explore the North American example and its applicability to New Zealand.

The expert panel includes: Brent Eastwood CEO Sport Northland, Matthew Cooper CEO Sport Waikato

For further information contact: esther@nzrecreation.org.nz 027 697 2001

Get Set Go Express - Running great community programmes and events

Get Set Go is a New Zealand developed, hands-on, practical tool designed for community event and programme co-ordinators. It has been used to great effect by many thousands of communities for nearly twenty years. This webinar will include an express tour of the Get Set Go guide and tools. It includes:

• An introduction to the guide

• A simple framework for programme and event management

• Tools you can use immediately for running your community programmes and events

• Case study - Hoon Hay Hoops a 3-3 youth basketball competition

The expert panel includes:

• Roy Kenneally - Manager Cross Over Trust

• Michael Pule - Youth Development Worker at Rowley Resource Centre

• Emma Pavey - Community Recreation Advisor Christchurch City Council

• Emily Toase - Community Recreation Advisor Christchurch City Council

For further information contact: esther@nzrecreation.org.nz 027 697 2001

Helping staff cope with critical incident stress

Critical incident stress and outcomes like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Accumulated Stress Disorder are not just the preserve of emergency, health or defence workers. Staff in the recreation sector work in high energy and unpredictable environments where serious accidents or incidents can happen at any time. While they might be infrequent and while our safety systems are designed to minimise them, they can still happen. Often the emotional impacts of a traumatic incident can be greater for those who encounter them infrequently than for those who encounter them frequently.

This webinar is designed with the recreation sector in mind to help practitioners think about how to minimise the impacts of the stress of critical incidents on staff before they happen.

Parkrun - Be a part of the movement

In 2004, 13 people came together for a 5km timed run in Teddington UK. Today, over 2.6 million runners can run in over 1229 locations worldwide and 17 locations in New Zealand. Join us for this webinar to find out:
• How parkrun has risen so quickly to success
• How parkrun works
• What makes a good parkrun
• How you can set up a parkrun near you

Be a part of the movement - a must see for anyone who would like to discover parkrun, set up, manage, support or volunteer for parkrun. The expert panel includes: Lian and Noel de Charmoy, NZ parkrun managers

For more information about parkrun go to: https://www.parkrun.co.nz/
For further information contact: esther@nzrecreation.org.nz 027 697 2001

Impact Evaluation - knowing when you've made a difference - an international example

The purpose of our work in sport and recreation is to make a difference. But how do we know that we have? This iinternational exemplar webinar and hear about her work at the University of Tennessee's Centre for Sport, Peace and Society. The webinar will include:
• How the Centre initiates recreation and sport projects to tackle some of the world's most complex issues
• The evaluation system that allows the Centre to understand impact
• How this has helped the Centre become one of the top ten sport diplomacy programmes in the world

Expert presenter: Dr. Carolyn Spellings is a research assistant professor and monitoring and evaluation coordinator for the Center for Sport, Peace, and Society at the University of Tennessee. She currently works with over 100 individuals from 63 countries helping them implement sport-based community development programming.

This FREE webinar is hosted by Recreation Aotearoa . With thanks to Wellington City Council for hosting Dr. Carolyn Spellings.

Vulnerable Childrens Act explained

Facilitated by Rob McLean, Outdoors Project Manager, Recreation Aotearoa, this webinar is aimed at all recreational professionals working with or around children. If you or your organisation need to know more about the act, vetting, safeguarding, this webinar is for you.

This webinar covers:

• understanding of the Act

• Identifies safeguard procedures

• Helping you to develop policy around your present practice

Take a listen and let us know if you have any further questions.

NZ Adventure Activity Certification Scheme - Three years on

In 2017, we are three years into the NZ Adventure Activity Certification Scheme. Hear what has worked, what hasn't and where to from here.

Expert presenter: Dr Shayne Galloway, Galloway Recreation Research Ltd

Working with the Media Webinar

This webinar was originally broadcast on 07/03/17. Resources mentioned during this webinar are available here:

Media Distribution List

Example Press Release


The Insights Tool webinar

The Insights Tool is on-line dataset for activating kiwis, developed by Sport NZ. The webinar will tell you how to access the tool, navigate it and use it to plan recreation and sport opportunities.

This webinar will:

  • explore what the Insights Tool is and what you can use it for - 0-9 m minutes
  • provide an-line demonstration of the tool - demonstration starts at 9 minutes
  • give you tips and tricks to get the most out of the tool
  • help you interpret the data sets

Expert presenter: Hamish McEwen, Insight Consultant, Sport NZ

For further information on the webinar contact esther@nzrecreation.org.nz, 027 697 2001.

Health and Safety at Work Act Webinar

The Health and Safety Work Act 2016 makes it clear that when it comes to Health & Safety everyone has a duty of care. This webinar explores the question of over-lapping duties and responsibilities.

Presentation panel:

  • Hamish Kynaston, Partner, Buddle Findlay
  • Richard Steel, WorkSafe New Zealand
  • Brent Maru, Sport Tasman

    Value Propositions - identify value and increase uptake

    Value propositions enable you to deliver services that your communities will want, love, and even pay for. This webinar outlines the process and how to apply the process to any recreation product, place, space or service you deliver.

    Expert presenter:David Clearwater, Regional Director, Ākina foundation

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