The Poolsafe Quality Management Scheme (Poolsafe) is an independent assessment of public pools.

There are currently 214 public pools in New Zealand and over 150 of those are members of the Poolsafe scheme. For a list of current Poolsafe pools, please click here

Poolsafe is an industry led, voluntary management system designed by the industry for the industry. It enables peer to peer assessment and moderates the delivery of public aquatic facilities services, with the intent to limit serious harm to their communities.

If you would like any further information, including the current criteria and joining the scheme, regarding Poolsafe, please contact the Aquatics Programme Manager, Rhiann Collins at rhiann@nzrecreation.org.nz.

We will help facilities joining the scheme to meet the Poolsafe criteria by way of providing advice, guidance, resources and templates.

Poolsafe Membership

Poolsafe Signage

Incident Review

Poolsafe Annual Report

NZRRP - ActiveCV

To ensure that your Poolsafe Assessor can use the online NZ Register of Recreation Professionals (www.nzrrp.org.nz) to verify the qualifications your lifeguards hold, you need to register your facility on ActiveCV and then link to your lifeguards to your facility.

For more information on how to register and use ActiveCV, visit activecv.co.nz

Please note that although multiple pools often sit under one umbrella organisation, each facility requires its own unique account because Poolsafe is awarded to individual facilities. Lifeguards are able to link with multiple facilities if they work at more than one.

If you experience a problem working through your instructions, please contact Skills Active on 0508 4 SKILLS (475 4557) or via email at activecv@skillsactive.org.nz.

Poolsafe Assessors

The role of the Poolsafe Assessors is to conduct robust and thorough assessments at Poolsafe Facilities. The assessors are chosen for their experience, skills, competencies and the knowledge they can provide.

Poolsafe Assessor Flyer

Poolsafe Assessor Application Form

Poolsafe Assessors for 2022-23:
  • Darryl Hamilton - Auckland Council
  • Dot Leggett Lane - Christchurch District Council
  • Gastón Vélez - Horowhenua District Council
  • Jocelyn Lee - Community Leisure Management
  • Keith Martin - Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology
  • Kristin Raynes - Upper Hutt City Council
  • Matt Greenwood - Waimakariri District Council
  • Nick McConaghty - Selwyn District Council
  • Nick Warwick - Christchurch City Council
  • Sarah Clarke - Auckland Council
  • Tracey Prince-Puketapu - Recreation Aotearoa
  • Alex Calwell - Auckland Council
  • Andrew Smith - Whakatāne District Council
  • Stephen Cook – Invercargill City Council
  • Angelica McCormack – Ashburton District Council
  • Ryno Nienaber –  Taupō District Council
  • Kayla Davies – Selwyn District Council
  • Leah Burgess – Community Leisure Management
  • Matthew Gardner – Polynesian Spa
  • Rachel Pike – Community Leisure Management
  • Dave McKenzie – Community Leisure Management
  • Steven Prescott – Belgravia Leisure
Poolsafe Advisory Group

The Poolsafe Advisory Group provides advice, industry feedback and leadership to Recreation Aotearoa with regard to the Poolsafe Scheme. The purpose is to assist with the review and development of the Poolsafe Business Plan to continuously improve and grow the scheme.

Poolsafe Advisory Group Members:
  • Matthew Greenwood - Waimakariri District Council
  • Sarah Cresswell - Wai Skills
  • Rowan Foley – Christchurch City Council
  • Pierre Holland – Community Leisure Management
  • Alex Calwell – Thrive SP
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