DoC Concessions waiver for non-profit operators

It has long been a source of frustration, time-consumption and cost for many NZRA members that they are required to obtain and pay for costly DoC concessions to provide Outdoor Education opportunities. This is despite the fact that schools undertaking similar or identical activities are not required to have a concession.

The position of NZRA on this issue is that non-profit organisations engaging in Outdoor Education for school-aged children should be exempt from DoC concession fees.

We have been engaging on a variety of fronts, including the DoC concession team through to the Minister of Sport and Recreation, on this issue. We will be raising it with the Minister of Conservation at our next meeting and will keep you updated.

To give us your views on this issue, contact our Advocacy Manager.


phil johnston

30 November 2018

I find it very disturbing everytime I find out that school kids outdoor ed programmes have been cancelled because of the consession fees and the expense that the application process involves (time, expertise,etc). These are special areas that we want kiwis (not just foreigners) to experience, DOC concession processes are road blocks to growing up our next can we expect them to value it if they can't experience it. Please continue your good work on this issue.

Arthur Sutherland

11 December 2018

As a long time advocate of 'free' use of the DOC managed estate fir school groups I'm pleased that this cause is being advocated for at the national level. My experience is that there have been variations in the interpretations and too often commercial operators have in the first instance been changed to take students onto DOC managed land and in the second instance this charge has been passed onto the schools and inevitably parents.

Leaning in the outdoors is suely part of being a New Zealander.

I understand that the land manager needs to collect data and manage the use. This should be done at no cost to schools and outdoor companies who are leading school students on this land.

I fully support advocacy around this matter.


Arthur (who began taking young people into the outdoors when he was 17 years of age)

Arthur Sutherland

11 December 2018

The North Canty Alpine Trust, operator of the Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre, fully supports the advocacy that will result in 'fees free' outdoor education and recreation where students are using the DOC managed estate when led by schools and commercial operators .

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