National Facilities Benchmarking Tool

We are about to go live on the 2016 National Facilities Benchmarking Tool. The 2015 version of the tool will continue to be free to use, but will no longer be operating off the Yardstick platform with Xyst, but will be with Capella.

For those of you that input data for the 2014/2015 financial year, that data has been carried across to the new platform and will enable you to compare your 2015/2016 performance with your performance in 2014/2015.

Several improvements to reporting will make the tool more useful to you and will enable you to make better comparisons to similar facilities on the following basis:

• Wet only with wet only

• Dry only with dry only

• Wet and dry with wet and dry

• Seasonal vs 12 month operation

• Size of facility

• Population size

If you are interested in signing up for this tool, please email with the name of any facilities you wish to include and the email address of the person who will be inputting data for each of the named facilities. If you signed up in 2015 Deb will contact you shortly with your new password to access the updated tool.

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