MC Mentoring and Coaching Programme

Recreation Aotearoa at Green Pavlova are inviting applications for those who wish to develop their MC skills. This is a great opportunity to work as a group, improving your introduction skills and being reflective and understanding your MC style.

We are looking for six people to complete this MC mentoring coaching programme. It will be an opportunity for us to work with you, support you with advice, tips & techniques on how to be an effective MC. It include articles from a range of different professional MC's, nuggets of information on the real business of being an MC and some general overview of what you need to do to successfully fulfill your role as an MC.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this programme you will have:

• Learned about what makes a good MC, theory as well as practical examples

• Applied this to develop your own MC style - strengths and places for development

• Performed as an MC for Recreation Aotearoa in a variety of contexts within a conference

• Developed a reflective process about your own MCing and that of others to facilitate continuous learning


The MC mentoring coaching programme will help develop your professional MC'ing skillsand give you a 20% discount to attend Green Pavlova conference.

To register your interest please complete the online form

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