Yardstick Update - October '17

The Yardstick team has been busy in Australia and New Zealand completing audits of parks benchmarking in Australia and facilities benchmarking in Australia and New Zealand. Most organisations are now showing in online reports. Try the new trend reports that you can create by selecting multiple years in the peer filters. These will allow you to see changes over time.

The median net operating cost per facility admission has been hovering around $3 for the last three years. Overall median cost recovery for facilities is just over 50%, and has been increasing slightly for the last three years. How do your facilities compare?

The median rate of playground provision in New Zealand is 4 playgrounds per 1000 children under 15, and has remained very constant over the last 4 years. By comparison, the rate of provision in Australia is around 6 playgrounds per 1000. How many does your organisation have?

If you aren’t a member yet, and would like to benchmark your facility’s performance against other facilities around New Zealand, Australia and Canada, it’s not too late to join. Just contact us at https://www.yardstickglobal.org/

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