The 200 Magical Park Challenge

You're invited to take part in Parks Week

Parks Week, 4–12 March 2017

Parks play a vital role in creating liveable cities and thriving communities. They are our most frequented spaces for recreational activities and provide opportunities for tourism and the social interaction that is vital for connected and resilient communities.

That's why the New Zealand Recreation Association and Parks and Leisure Australia have teamed up to help councils, organisations and communities on both sides of the Tasman present Parks Week.

We invite you to join the campaign and run your own Parks Week event. The extended 'week' takes in two weekends, and aims to get people out of their living rooms and into our parks with a series of events to raise awareness of the value of parks and open spaces.

If you're planning something, let us know so we can support you and help spread the word. We have set up a dedicated website,, to present and promote your Parks Week events. On the website you can get useful resources from the resources section, and easily publicise your activities using the 'events' tab. Fill out the details of your event now!

The 200 Magical Park Challenge

Magical Park will be a feature of Parks Week 2017, exploring the themes of technology, open spaces and community. Our challenge is to create 200 Magical Parks across New Zealand and Australia, providing families of all backgrounds the opportunity to enjoy their local parks in a fun and unique way.

NZ Recreation Association and Parks and Leisure Australia, supported by GEO AR Games (developers of Magical Park ) are looking to partner with Councils to make this a reality.

We will provide

• Magical Park setup for a 2 week period
• Marketing tool kit to promote (imagery and signage graphics)
• Social and Mainstream Media coverage
• Data Insights – participation usage levels, feedback surveys

Support required from Councils

• Setup fee of $150 per park ($100 for each additional park)
• Desired park(s) name to setup the Magical Park
• Signage to be printed and installed by Council at each park
• Commitment to promote and market across all Council channels

There will be an extensive promotion as part of the Parks Week program. Social media activity across Facebook and Facebook groups combined with Media coverage in the press and tv news channels.

What is a Magical Park?
Magical Park turns a normal urban city park into a digital fantasy land playground. Utilising a mobile device and the Magical Park app, Councils can transform underutilised spaces or playgrounds into an exciting and engaging world for kids and families to explore. Creating a blended virtual world seen through the app once they enter the boundaries of the magical park.

Now available at 9 parks across NZ. Watch the video to see it in action

Join the Challenge!
If you are interested in joining the challenge or discussing Magical Parks further;

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