Yardstick Update

Spring is in the air and the Yardstick team have been out and about in Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway and Finland doing benchmarking audits for parks and facilities, and user survey wrap-ups. If you haven’t seen one of us yet you soon will.

Chris Rutherford the WUP Asia Pacific Chair and Yardstick International Project leader attended the combined Hortis/WUP conference in Albi in early October. The trade shows and 4 days of workshops and field visits were both stimulating and interesting. The yardstick workshops generated much interest as the French discuss sharing openly performance information with each other - a challenge for them going forward.

The Parks Surveys using a mix of the on-line survey and QR (bar codes) located in parks is likely to see French versions of the Yardstick surveys soon operating in their parks. The French loved the immediacy of the results and reporting and the flexible nature of being able select questions on and off each specific park. It is amazing to see the shared knowledge of parks colleagues being developed into industry products which are clearly leading edge, affordable and relevant solutions.

Chris was quoted several times during the conference and in the final conference summery Daniel Boulens the Parks Director from Lyon concluded with a quote from Chris “if you don’t count YOU don’t count”. The next Hortis conference is in Lyon in 2017.

User surveys are wrapping up for the year in the northern hemisphere as they head into winter, and cranking up in Australia and New Zealand as we head into summer.

Want to know more about your parks and facilities, and the people who use them? Contact jude@nzrecreation.org.nz and ask about joining Yardstick.

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