Wellington Trails Trust

NZRA attended the launch of the Wellington Trails Trust at the beginning of September and found out more about the charitable trust that is focused on developing a world-class multi-user trail network in the Wellington city and region.

Anthony Edmonds, a Trustee on the board of Wellington Trails Trust, told us that "the Trust is project focused, meaning we look at what actions/projects will make the greatest contribution towards achieving the Trust’s vision, and then we focus on helping drive these projects. One of our current projects includes developing a regional trail strategy with the Councils."

"We want to develop the trail network in a way that provides a multi-use recreational asset for Wellington residents. The current trails are a major recreational asset for groups like middle aged blokes on mountain bikes and trail runners - we want to make this a recreational asset for all Wellington people. A big gap that exists in our current trail network ae entry level family friendly trails that are close to where people live."

When asked how NZRA members can contribute, Anthony said "I am really interested in the role that the trail network immediately around the city plays in terms of health and wellbeing. We are constantly getting feedback from high performing business people that being active is a key aspect to managing and maintaining their mental well-being. While this might just be people saying “I go a little crazy if I don’t stay active” – I think that there is a lot more to this stuff than it first appears! With the rising obligation that exists under the Health and Safety laws, I am interested in how businesses evolve their thinking and support they give their staff in this area. I think that there would be an interesting piece of work to do looking at how employers can promote being active to their people (with the trail network in and around the city playing a key role in this). Part of this may be simply providing information on how easy it is to use and access the trail network from central Wellington."

We also spoke to Sarah Murray, Customer & Community Partnerships Manager at Wellington City Council, and she said "Wellington City Council is working with the Wellington Trails Trust and other trail users including mountain bikers, walkers and runners, to collaboratively develop, manage and promote Wellington’s trail network.

Wellington is already recognised as a fantastic biking and walking destination and we are keen to work alongside trail users to enhance the opportunities available in the city. In particular we want to ensure that the network provides outstanding recreation and tourism opportunities, that we have good links and supporting infrastructure, that we cater for different user groups and skill levels including families and kids, and that we enable more residents to enjoy the city’s open spaces and appreciate the natural environment."

For further information, take a look at www.wellingtontrailstrust.co.nz

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