ADVOCACY UPDATE - Reform of Vocational Education

Recreation Aotearoa has submitted it feedback to the consultation on the proposed Reform of Vocational Education (ROVE). As large and fundamental as the proposed reforms are, the detail provided by the Ministry is thin and the consultation period is unusually short. The proposed reforms have three parts 1. Redefined roles for education providers and ITO's 2. Bringing together the 16 ITPs as a single entity and 3. a unified vocational education funding system. Many aspects of the proposed reforms are laudable. For example, many Polytechnics are financially unstable and a certain amount of rationalisation might help that. Inequities in the funding system between Polytechnics and Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) create distortionary incentives and unhealthy competition.

Overall, however, there is much in the proposed reforms to be worrisome for the Recreations Sector. The main cause of concern is the proposal to essentially disestablish ITOs, such as our very own Skills Active, and have an mega-Polytech handle all workplace training and qualifications. We have heard a great deal of concern from members and stakeholders of Recreation Aotearoa, including from the Aquatics sector, the ski industry, the Mountain Safety Council (MSC) and EONZ.

Recreation Aotearoa is encouraging it members to submit individually and on behalf of their organisations. This can be done be done in a variety of ways, from simple to in-depth, here. We particularly encourage opposition to "Proposal 1 - the redefined roles for education providers",

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