Summer is coming, and we know there are many facilities preparing to open their outdoor pools for the season.

With the busyness of the season, including Poolsafe audits in early 2019, there is often a rush to ensure that everything is done on time.

We want to remind you to ensure that your lifeguard training follows the process as outlined in your Lifeguard Training Manual. Skills Active and NZRA have worked hard to ensure that this process is as clear as possible, and gives a training lifeguard the best opportunity to learn and practice their important role.

There are 3 stages to this training - 1) Swim Test 2) Pool Lifeguard Skills Award and 3) Pool Lifeguard Practicing Certificate. If for any reason a training lifeguard is not competent at any stage, they should not move to the next stage, or jump stages for the convenience of the facility roster. For example, a training lifeguard should not be doing their PLPC 20 hours poolside prior to the training and assessment for PLSA.

We look forward to visiting most of your facilities over the summer season and finding competent and confident lifeguards on your pool decks.

Here's to a great summer for all!

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