Retention of Lifeguards

Gaston Velez has generously shared his research study on recruitment and retention of permanent lifeguards at aquatic facilities with us. Read his introduction below:

I wanted to share with you that I have recently achieved my graduate certificate in applied management through SIT. I have been studying part time through distance for the past three years, where I went through different subjects and modules to complete this course. My last module was based on a research study on a topic of my choice.

I chose a topic in the aquatic industry that I hear about almost every time I meet with colleagues from all over the country. The topic of my choice was based on recruitment and retention of permanent lifeguards at aquatic facilities.

This is a small research study I worked on at the beginning of this year where I incorporated different regions of the country from both, the north and south islands, and got different facilities and pool managers involved. I analysed the different problematics they faced, and different strategies they put in place to overcome the barriers and difficulties they find. At the end, I established a summary of my results, and made recommendations to help the industry to mitigate the problem and find alternatives to recruit and retain their permanent lifeguards.


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