Recreation Aotearoa and CLM Continue Partnership

Recreation Aotearoa is proud to continue a strong partnership with Community Leisure Management after a successful first year for both parties.

Last year both organisations signed a partnership agreement to further strengthen a relationship that has spanned over two decades.

Both parties have since collaborated on a number of exciting projects including the development of a tailor made CLM IGNITE Academy designed for CLM team members across the country.

Recreation Aotearoa CEO, Andrew Leslie is proud of the work both organisations are doing together.

"Passion for the recreation industry is the lifeblood of CLM and Recreation Aotearoa, which makes this a partnership that works really well. We're looking forward to working with the CLM team further and building on what we have already achieved into 2020 and beyond."

CLM CEO, Craig Carter highlighted the success of the inaugural CLM IGNITE Academy and the innovation it had helped foster.

"The CLM IGNITE academy has given us the opportunity to identify and develop team members and innovations from across the CLM network. It's been exciting watching these ideas and programmes come to fruition over the last couple of months."

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