Recreation Aotearoa and Parks and Leisure Australia Renew Partnership with New 2-Year MOU


Recreation Aotearoa and Parks and Leisure Australia proudly announce the renewal of their longstanding partnership through the signing of a new two-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This renewed commitment reflects the shared vision and dedication of both organisations to partner on initiatives that benefit their members and strengthen the parks and recreation sectors in both countries.

The new MOU signals the next phase in a relationship that has flourished over the years and is underpinned by a shared commitment to enhancing the mana (respect, strength, pride) of each organisation.

"The spirit of this renewed partnership is grounded in the principles of respect and collaboration," said Michèle Frey, Co-Chair of Recreation Aotearoa. "We are thrilled to continue our journey with Parks and Leisure Australia and strengthen our collective commitment to advancing the recreation and leisure industry across both Aotearoa and Australia."

The MOU outlines key areas of cooperation between Recreation Aotearoa and Parks and Leisure Australia, including mutual recognition of each organisation's role as the professional body in their respective countries and a shared mission to uphold indigenous peoples' values through their respective bi-cultural/multi-cultural journeys.

“We are thrilled to renew our partnership with Recreation Aotearoa, reflecting our shared commitment to fostering growth and excellence in the Recreation Industries in both Aotearoa and Australia," states Les Munn, National President of Parks and Leisure Australia. "Together, we will continue to make a lasting impact, enriching the parks and recreation sectors in our respective countries. By nurturing collaborations, leveraging our strengths, and embracing cultural diversity, we forge ahead, enhancing our organisations' mana and making a positive difference in the communities we serve.”

Through joint efforts, Recreation Aotearoa and Parks and Leisure Australia aim to make lasting contributions that enhance the mana of their respective organisations and create positive impacts for the communities they serve.

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