Police to begin cost recovery later this year

Did you know that later this year, the Police will begin charging a fee to help recover the cost of the vetting service it provides? Find out more below:

• While the start date of these fees has not been finalised, it is expected to be no sooner than 1 July 2017.

• The fee will be $8.50 + GST for each New Zealand vetting request – unless a fee exemption or fee waiver applies.

• Fee exemption will apply if an agency makes only a small number of requests (20 or fewer) within a financial year (applies from 1 July to 30 June of the next year). However, if your agency is part of an approved agency group and the combined number of vetting requests exceeds 20 all vetting requests will be charged for.

• A fee waiver will apply if your agency is a registered charity and you have added your charity registration number to your agency details in the Police Vetting Service website.

• You don’t need to do anything yet, other than be aware of the coming changes and begin preparing for them. In the meantime, the Police will be update their website as work progresses and will continue to keep you informed.

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