Member Spotlight: David Cameron

Your role...
Managing Director for Filtration & Pumping Commercial Ltd (Premier sponsor of NZASPM, JAWS, and Waves)

What you love most about the sector... Everything from the design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of all the equipment that makes a new Aquatic Facility run. And in particular the priceless look on the faces of kids and parents in a new pool complex.

Why you joined Recreation Aotearoa... It all began with us becoming members of the New Zealand Association of Swimming Pool Managers (NZASPM) back in the 1960's! Lewis Cameron (my father) was a founding member of that early association. When NZASPM was absorbed into RANZ (Recreation Aotearoa's forerunner) in the 1990's, John McGuiness from Hutt City Council asked that FPC Ltd start mini Pool Managers Seminars in Lower Hutt, held at Huia Pool. This seminar grew to such a size that it became unmanageable, so Recreation Aotearoa jumped on board and began the organisation. This is what became JAWS - the Just Add Water Seminar. The rest, as they say, is history. The new team at Recreation Aotearoa developed a new format and name, and hence Waves is now the annual seminar for New Zealand's Swimming Pool Managers. We were effectively instrumental in starting the whole movement.

Favourite part about being a member... The annual seminars, without a doubt. It's our chance to see, meet and talk to all our customers and friends together in one place. And more importantly to give back to the industry that supports us, and has done for 60 years.

One thing you've learned in the last month... That there are still nutters out there that think returning to New Zealand and not being tested for Covid-19 is not putting the rest of the country at risk, especially after we've been through so much and put so much effort, and some loss, into containing the virus for everyone.

Your hopes for our industry... The growth in the public swimming pool market is not waning. We are busier now than we have been for years. It's all still happening, and that's partly down to you guys at Recreation Aotearoa who continue to promote swimming in schools, programmes for pools and thereby creating a safer swimming environment for everyone. Keep up the good work!


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