Member Spotlight # 4: Matt Greenwood

We have an excellent base of dedicated members who have really cool jobs! To help promote our membership base and give you a little insight into some of the cool people we work with, we've developed this quick-fire question series. Every month we will introduce you to members from the different industries within the recreation sector. This month we talked with Matt Greenwood the Aquatic Facility Manager for Waimakariri District Council...

Your role... Aquatic Facilities Manager for Waimakariri District Council

What you love most about the sector... The pace and variety. It often feels like we're trying to do a lot, with as little as possible, for as many people as we can reach, which can be a bit relentless. However my team and our industry is filled with resourceful and supportive people who are quick to adapt and try new solutions, so I find I am still learning and getting involved in new things.

Why you joined Recreation Aotearoa... Initially to score a ticket to JAWS/Waves. However for six of the last eight years I have been a Poolsafe assessor, sharing industry best practice solutions and helping facilities improve their standards.

Favourite part about being a member... The people I get to meet and interact with, the passion they have for improving the industry for our communities and customers and sharing best practice solutions.

One thing you've learned in the last month... The Spanish National Anthem is one of only four in the world that has no official lyrics.

Your hopes for our industry... To ensure that recreation and swimming in particular continues to be a safe, enjoyable and accessible activity for all the community.


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