A Lockdown Stay-Cation

Never has a stay-cation looked so good! Why? Because if you stay home you will save lives! We're still at Level 4 and we want to remind people that public holidays do not = lockdown loosening! Here are some ways you can enjoy a long weekend from your bubble:

  1. Out & About The Lockdown Challenge - Out and About Auckland have developed a wonderful app to keep you and your kids active and occupied during the lockdown. The "WeGotThisNZ" Lockdown Challenge is a scavenger hunt that you can play with people in your "bubble" and in your immediate vicinity. You can play the FREE Lockdown Challenge on the GooseChase app (available in the app store iOS and Android). Be sure to follow the rules, don't visit playgrounds, stay 2m away from others, and wash your hands! Visit the #WeGotThisNZ Facebook for details on how to get started.

  2. Chalk Your Walk - Remember the days of spending whole afternoons on the footpath outside your house drawing hopscotches, rainbows, cats and cars and rockets with multi-coloured chalk? Well, it's still a great activity for the kids (and adults if you're so inclined) to get involved with - not to mention it's time spent in the outdoors! Brighten up the footpath or your driveway with masterpieces in chalk and messages of positive reinforcement for the community.

  3. Nature Live Cams - Your local sanctuary may be closed but Explore.org is here to fill that void! Explore.org is an awesome website dedicated to live-streaming nature from all around the world. The library of films are both educational and inspirational. You can witness nesting bald eagles, soothing river flows, and playful pandas - you could get lost in this for hours!

  4. Go on a Bear Hunt - You will have heard it by now and perhaps you already have teddy in your window! The NZ Bear Hunt was organised to bring a smile to the faces of the people popping out for some fresh air in the neighbourhood. Homes all around Aotearoa are placing teddy bears in their front windows for those passing by to enjoy. You can visit bearhunt.co.nz to discover where the bears are in your area.

  5. Create a Makeshift Bike Track - Taking inspiration from one of the Recreation Aotearoa team, you can set up a mini-bike track in your backyard for the kids to enjoy. Use cones or stones or soft toys (or any other object really!) to create different challenges for the kids to maneuver their bikes through.

  6. Get Crafty - There are a whole host of awesome craft ideas out there. You could have a go at creating biodegradable bird feeders or be a part of the Youthtown project knitting colourful squares to go towards blankets for families who need them. The internet is your oyster!

  7. Online Classes - Again the internet is your oyster and there are some great organsiations and individuals out there offering online fitness classes. TVNZ and Les Mills are offering free access to renowned Les Mills classes, Shut Up and Dance are running live classes on their Instagram page, and the Down Dog app are offering Yoga, HIIT and barre session for free until 1 May. Plus there's plenty for the kids to get involved with too like Kapa Haka and Zumba.

  8. WALK WALK WALK - It's an obvious one but doesn't make it any less important! Take a stroll around your neighbourhood, notice the trees, the flowers, and the sound of the birds. Venture down a street you've never been down before, smile at your neighbours (from a healthy 2 metres away) and appreciate the fresh air.

  9. Garden - Spend your outdoor time productively by mowing the lawns, pulling out some weeds or getting the garden ready for the winter months. Gardening can be a great way to connect with the nature around you and decompress during a challenging time.

  10. Backyard Camping - The long weekend is generally when a lot of us head out to our favourite camping spots, pitch a tent and maybe roast some marshmallows and enjoy some good banter. Why not live this experience in your backyard? Set up your tent, get your gas cooker ready and enjoy your very own camp site.

If you've got any other great tips on how to spend your weekends (long or not) during lockdown, we would love to hear from you! Send us your stories and your photos, and we might just share your tips on our social media.

Stay safe Aotearoa and STAY HOME!
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