Who will care for our earth?

Who will care for our earth?

Outdoors and Parks and Opens Spaces are collaborating on a forum venture as part of the Masterclass programme at this year's Green Pavlova.

As an outcome from a successful Think Tank hosted at Recreation Conference last November by Paul Duffy, Auckland Council and Conscious Kids, a forest education organisation; Recreation Aotearoa are hosting a hui with the objective to broaden mindsets about how people interact with parks and open spaces.

Particular outcomes include building strength between conservation (restoration) and recreation (users) and reduction of barriers that exist against nature engagement and adventure play such as perceptions of maintenance and safety.

Can we strengthen the position of outdoor providers, instructors and guides to be Ambassadors for these outcomes? Can we alleviate concerns around the perception of risk that adventure play, recreation and sport carries? Or resolve the financial capital verses human capital battle of the current 'look but don't touch' maintenance policy?

Big questions involve big thinkers and with big hitters like Wendy Russell, Senior Lecturer in Play and Playwork at University of Gloucestershire and outdoor educators whom instill our connection to mother earth like Omine Ivatt, Craft Lab, it should set a solid platform for innovation to occur. We look forward to continuing to grow this project, taking place April 30th. You can register for this FREE event at greenpavlova.com

If we don't allow our people to touch and connect with nature, how will they want to care for it?


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