Green Pavlova 2017

I've just returned from the field trips that have brought GreenPavlova 2017 to a close and am reflecting on what an inspirational conference Ifound it to be. This was my first conference since joining NZRA four weeksago and it has been fantastic to meet so many of you and start putting facesand names together.

There were many great moments in the past three days. Highlightsincluded Robyn Monro Miller talking about being champions for play and creatingresponsive environments that allow for play to flourish, sessions with speakersfrom Generate, Sport New Zealand, Auckland Council and the Ministry ofBusiness, Innovation and Employment where we discussed liveable cities, tourismtrends, sharing our parks stories and preserving & enhancing play.

We examined the benefits of free play, accessible recreation andsports hubs and reviewed urban forest strategy, park investment and the HaurakiRail Trail (plus lots of networking over delicious morning tea!).

The Wellington weather came through for us on Friday and weenjoyed being outdoors and learning about the gardens and playspaces ofWellington on each of the field trips.

Many of the people I spoke left the conference feeling inspiredand invigorated, with new connections in the industry and a fresh understandingof how we might tackle future challenges.

Thanks to all of our inspiring speakers, delegates and tradeexhibitors. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Karl Nesbitt

Parks & Open Spaces Programme Manager


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