How to be a SunSmart Aquatic Facility

Around 15% of New Zealanders work outside and businesses have a duty of care to ensure that employees are safe.

Businesses should manage UV exposure from the sun as a workplace hazard for workers who spend some, or all, of their working day outdoors. It's also good practice to encourage workers to be SunSmart when they head outside to take a break, walk to a meeting, or get exercise.

Outdoor workers are exposed to the sun for extended periods of time throughout their working life which results in them receiving significantly more UV radiation than people who work indoors. As a result, outdoor workers have a higher risk of developing skin cancer than indoor workers.

This is especially relevant for pools with outdoor space in New Zealand.

What employers can do:

  • Have a SunSmart policy that they enforce - download a sample SunSmart policy
  • Reduce the amount of time their workers spend outdoors
  • Provide and maintain sun safety equipment
  • Provide information and training around sun protection practices
  • Encourage staff to check their own skin and go to the GP if they have any concerns

Be a SunSmart Workplace

Employers have a duty of care to protect their workers. With changes to the Health and Safety legislation there is an increasing emphasis on minimising risk in the workplace. There are many ways that UV exposure in the workplace can be minimised. Cooperation between employers and employees is the best way to achieve this.

Supporting Individuals

Businesses can take action to help their people know to be SunSmart whenever they're in the sun - whether that's taking a walk at lunchtime, or going to the beach on the weekend. Find out how to support individuals.

Work spaces and facilities

If your people work outdoors for all or part of the day you will need to take action to reduce their sun exposure. However, it's good practice to help your workers be SunSmart whenever they're out in the sun. Understand what you can do at your facility.

How you work and lead

There are many steps businesses can take to reduce their people's sun exposure while at work - and to help them be SunSmart away from work. Tips to work safer and be SunSmart.

Take a look at SunSmart resources available for download.


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