QLDC Parks Manager

The Parks Manager will lead the Parks Department, which consists of the Parks and Reserves Planning team, the Parks Service Delivery team and the oversight of contractor management (approximately 36 staff members). A strong and effective leader in this fast-paced environment will provide guidance and advice to the Parks Team. The manager will also foster a positive culture of highly engaged staff as they develop standards of excellences across Parks, Reserves and Open Space.

The Parks Manager is responsible for taking the lead on significant projects. To achieve this you will require strong leadership skills with the ability to set new directions, to control complexity, and prioritise workload across your team.

This role will ensure the management and delivery of Parks services promote and protect quality open space and provide optimal, effective and efficient parks services across the community. These services will meet the needs of the community, whilst maintaining the vision of the Parks Team, the General Manager and QLDC's Vision 2050. To ensure these needs are met, continuous improvement to the following is instrumental to this role: parks strategic direction, planning, service delivery, contracts, policies, processes and systems.

The Parks Manager will collaborate, build and maintain effective relationships across a wide span of influence within QLDC and externally with stakeholders, collaboration partners and the wider local government sector.

For more information, or to apply, please visit https://qldc.qjumpersjobs.co/jobs/details/Parks_Manager_-1034960

Applications close 5 October

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